Pak-A-Pocket offers great service and great food including lunch specials.
Pak-A-Pocket is a family run business who values their customers
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5512-D Bellaire Dr South, Fort Worth, TX
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Fort Worth, TX Greek and Gyro Restuarant "Best Pita"

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Liz / Omad @ Pakapocket

Liz / Omad @ Pakapocket If you are looking for the BEST PITA sandwich in Fort Worth look no further than Pak-A-Pocket restaurant! We have a pita to please everyone - there are so many to choose from! We are known for our Gyros and Greek Salads and the Falafel pita receives rave reviews! Just ask one of our regular customers and each will have their own signature combination of lunch meat, cheese and dressing! The latest craze is dipping our delicious home-made pita chips in ranch dressing or our house dressing yummy!!

Our hope is that you make Pak-A-Pocket one of your regular destinations and discover your own unique Pak-A-Pocket signature sandwich!!


We opened 24 years ago in April of 1986 and are proud to say that some of our "original" customers are still coming. A lot of those first customers were students at Fort Worth Country Day School and now their children are our regulars!!

Pakapocket Restaurant Rave Reviews, customers keep coming back

The community atmosphere is one reason why Pak-A-Pocket feels like home to so many of our customers and that is why we are so lucky to call our customers "friends"!!

"I love Pak-A-Pocket so much. I can't wait to have the pita chips delivered to my college dorm!"