Pak-A-Pocket offers great service and great food including lunch specials.
Pak-A-Pocket is a family run business who values their customers
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5512-D Bellaire Dr South, Fort Worth, TX
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Exceptional Pita Sandwiches Pak A Pocket offers Great Lunch Specials Pak A Pocket Hot & Cold Sandwiches Pak-A-Pocket Pita Sandwiches & Baked Potatoes PaK-A-Pocket Salads 7 Great Pak-A-Pocket Specialties Print Pak-A-Pocket Menu


Greek Restaurant / Lunch, Dinner, Catering / Fort Worth, Texas

Pak-A-Pocket, Pita Sandwiches 5512 - D Bellaire Drive South~Fort Worth, TX 76109
Counrty Day Plaza (Shopping strip at Bryant Irving Road)
Pak-A-Pocket is located near Hulen Mall at the intersection of Bryant Irving and Bellaire Dr. So.